Vremea in Chisinau
Serviciul Hidrometeorologic
1 On 28 March, 2024 was regional GNRC meeting
2 On 21-24 March, 2024 BPW MOLDOVA participated on the BPW EUROPE meeting in Roma, Italy.
3 La 16 decembrie 2023 la Centrul polonez de dezvoltare si cultura a avut loc o intrunire a femeilor de afaceri
4 O intrunire inedita cu rezultate palpabile
5 On 16-19 November, 2023 was a 6th BPW Mediterranean Simpozion in Nicosia, Ciprus
6 La 12 octombrie 2023 Asociatia Femeilor Profesioniste si de Afaceri din Moldova a celebrat aniversarea de 25 de ani de la fondare
7 On 24 august,2023 the meeting of the Aliance for the Economic Empoverment of Women took place on Summet in Chisinau
8 On 25 July, 2023 GNRC Arigatou International organized Vebinar with generic: “Communication for advocacy: The basis of documenting and communicating impact”. About 134 country attended.
9 On 7.04.2023 Members of the Association of Professional and Business Women from Moldova (BPW Moldova) met in a working session for discuss essential topics related to salary equity, equal pay between women and men. Meetings with discussions of this kind
10 On 07.03.2023 a special event "Empowering women in a digital world" took place in Tukwill, organized by UN WOMEN, which is part of the campaign dedicated to the International Day of F "Digitalization, innovation and technology for gender equality" which i
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