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On 8/04-15/04/2013, in Znojmo, Czech Republic developed the training course: Empowering Communities: Sharing, Learning, Implementing

project  funded by the EU “Youth in Action” Programme, called  EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES SHARING LEARNING IMPLEMENTING, there  participated  Valentina Ceban-Mihailov , Project manager of BPW Moldova.

On this courses  was 32 active and experienced youth workers, trainers, coaches, youth participation project managers, youth leaders, youth policy makers, community workers from 16 different countries (Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Ukrain, Germany, Russia, Hungary). This is an advanced project and the participants possess previous experience with youth and community participation processes.

The project aims to encourage and empower youth workers, social workers, community workers, trainers and NGOs to explore the community  capacities,  to share the best practices of community inclusion into public and social life, to learn the non-conflict and sustainability approaches while working on the projects.

Among the main aims of the training are:

• Enhancing the participants’ capabilities and practical skills in conflict transformation, non-violent communication methods and intercultural dialogue;

• Exploring pre-conditions, dangers and consequences of social exclusion in thecommunities including segregation and marginalization;

• Identifying significance of sustainable development in connection with use and exploitation of natural resources, protecting ecosystems, environmental issues and global citizenship;

• Sharing our realities  and showing our best practices in regards to conflict transformation, sustainability and social exclusion in our communities;

• Providing open-space for sharing the tools (arts, sports, education, etc), methods, existing techniques from participants to empower the community;

• Development of small-scale projects for community;

• Increasing the competencies of youth workers by sharing the best practices and peer-learning.