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On 17/03/2013 to 24/03/2013 in Bruxelles, Belgium developed the project funded by the EU “Youth in Action” Program, called “On The Way”.

Valentina Ceban-Mihailov , Project manager of Business and Professional Women Association of Republic of Moldova, participated in this training courses.

The project was organized by B*COME vzw, in cooperation with Rota Jovem, International Public Association “Gender Perspective”, Donetsk Debate Centre, Youth Association DRONI, “MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute, Youth Kilmore Road, Oldham Integrated Youth Service, Omerli Kalkinma ve Inisiyatif Dernegi, Politikos tyrimu ir analizes institutas.

It is a project where youth workers and youth leaders come together for several days to develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes on a certain theme. The daily program of the course is based on learning objectives and facilitated by experienced trainers. The training courses promote the initiative and creativity of participants and have a direct impact on their future youth work or youth policy activities, such as organizing quality projects and providing intercultural and non-formal learning experiences for young people.

Altogether, 17 people from Belarus, Belgium, Georgia, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, and United Kingdom took part in the project.

The overall aim and specific objectives of the project:

Aim:to support youth local organizations that are not active on international level to take their first steps in bringing an international dimension in their local activities.

Ø Gain knowledge about European program

Ø Gain awareness about the benefits of international projects

Ø Get familiar with intercultural learning and its impact

Ø Create a network between the organizations

Ø Get experience in creating a international projects

Ø Lay groundwork for future international projects

Main contents and activities of the project: This training course used non-formal education activities like role-playing activities, group discussions, experiential learning, presentations, creative methods to provide local youth organizations with the competences to develop and run international youth activities.