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Candle Lighting Ceremony 2019

On 22 February,2019 BPW Moldova celebrated the  Candle Lighting Ceremony 2019. With a word of greeting came Dr. Amany Asfour, BPW International President 2017-2020. It is the 5th consecutive year, when we celebrate this event. After we thought of each country  We wished them success and prosperity in this year. And finally we talked who and what projects he won and how it will achieve.


President's Message
for Candle Lighting Ceremony 2019

Dr. Amany Asfour

BPW International President 2017-2020

Raise Your Head and Go Ahead

My very dear BPW sisters across the world,

It is my real pleasure to address you all during the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2019. My theme this year for the Candle lighting ceremony is “Raise Your Head and Go Ahead”.

When you believe in yourself, when you have faith in your work, when you fight for the best, when you put in all your efforts, when you are full of enthusiasm and when you are motivated to achieve your goals...you often hope for support and encouragement from others.

Yet anyone in the limelight would cast a shadow. So you often find people who undermine your work, demotivate you, pull you down and oppress you with their negative thinking. But don’t be afraid and don’t allow such negativity to break your soul.

Remember, it is well known that nobody would throw stones onto a tree that has no fruit.

Remember also that scientifically, high pressure and heat transform coal to diamond.

So let the challenges you face bring out the best in you. Fill yourself with positive energy. Even if nobody believes in you, you must believe in yourself. Continue to advance on the path of your choice. Let your inner voice guide you to your destiny.

To brighten up the room, you should light your candle first, then use it to light many other candles. Spread the love with the light.

The mission of most BPW members is to empower women. To achieve this, please remember to first empower yourself.

Light always emerges after Dark, and so when you light your candle please remember all your sisters across the world. Remember our founder Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips who travelled from USA to Europe in 1930 to unite the world in peace through gathering all of us business and professional women from all over the world. and dreaming for a better world through empowering women all over the world. So, let us carry the torch to continue our fight for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment through our unity and our confidence in ourselves.

And we light our candles remembering that all of us in the world have the BPW spirit of encouragement, of confidence in each other, of empowering each other, of supporting each other, of believing in ourselves and in our great organization that we can to it together.

Raise Your Head and Go Ahead...

Dr. Amany Asfour
International President
BPW International 2017-2020