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Project:  “Developing social and women entrepreneurship for creating jobs in rural areas in Moldova”

The current project request concerns individual households in Moldova which economy highly relies on the income generated by the agricultural production and comes to help families in the following issues: a) process own raw material into jams; b) introducing and promoting women entrepreneurship; c) diversifying of occupations in the rural areas; c) creating an additional source of income; d) educating households about branding and marketing strategies for high quality, niche products;  e) bringing awareness about market segmentation and differentiation and  f)  introducing innovation in the value chain and production process. According to several studies many women across different Moldovan  regions would like to establish businesses however are not aware about available opportunities. Unfortunately the demographic trend in Moldova is negative since many people and in particular women, abandon their children and families, in their search for a better leaving and source of income abroad. Even if they find a better paid work, most of the time it is not related to their education or passion, as a consequence they get depressed. Moreover living far away from the family is a difficult challenge to go through.

During our visit to Estonia we have connected to several organizations, which make handmade products. Moldavian women  proposed to organize a workshop on the topic "Tourism and delights" which would educate entrepreneurship among women and use efficiently the yearly, abundant harvest of crop. Traditionally many households have their own orchards with different fruit trees and since Moldova is an agricultural country yearly a significant quantity of fruits are wasted.

In the current project we aim to take over the Estonian experience from organizations which we already know and expand the network as the case maybe in order to learn how to promote self made products and educate women in creating their own brand and position themselves on the market with a superior, high value product. The idea is to create a production facility which would process fruits (cherries, plums, strawberries, quinces, walnuts etc), as well as roses petals.

We  will invite  Estonian women to enhance and strengthen the international network of Estonian organizations in Moldova which contributes to experience exchange and knowledge transfer and job creation.

“The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with funds for development cooperation and humanitarian aid”

«Проект финансируется Министерством иностранных дел из средств на сотрудничество по развитию и гуманитарную помощь»

Project “Equal possibilities in working life for women of Moldova“

 The Project "Equal possibilities in working life for women of Moldova" is carried out in cooperation with BPW Moldova and AFAM Moldova. The Project aims to encourage Moldova's enterprising young women to take leadership roles in social and professional life, and to help women reach their personal professional targets. To raise awareness and overcome the bottlenecks faced by Moldova's young women in the labor market, in setting goals in their professional life and in entrepreneurship. To develop their skills in effective communication, creating contacts and carrying out negotiations and to teach how to reach the key positions. During the project will be  3 Training  by  2 days:

17.-18. November 2017 - 40 women

2.-3. February 2018 - 40 women (new women)

16.-17. November 2018