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The ITU-D Regional Development Forum for the EUR and CIS Region

The ITU-D Regional Development Forum for the EUR and CIS Region "NGN and Broadband, Opportunities and Challenges" began its work in Chisinau, in the White Hall of the “Codru” Hotel. The Forum will be held from 24th till 26th of August, 2009.

The agenda of the first working day included discussion of issues, related to new telecommunication technologies, prospects and potential for bridging of the digital divide between countries, as well as experience and opportunities of development in the region.

In the first half of the day a press conference was organized, which was attended by Igor Dodon, the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Trade, Pavel Buceatchi, the Minister of Information Development, Dr. Hamadoun Touré, the ITU Secretary General, and Nurudin Muhitdinov, the RCC Executive Committee Chairman, noting that the Republic of Moldova holds one of the dominant place in the development of information technologies among CIS member countries.

Although this area of the national economy is comparatively new, interest of journalists is evidence of the fact that the Ministry of Information Development actively carries out the information society development strategy and policy. The direct evidence of this fact are, for example, questions on how much the Republic of Moldova is attractive to foreign investors in this field or which sector is more developed – the fixed or mobile communication, etc.

In addition, during the press conference the activities on elaboration, development and maintenance of the automated information systems, main information resources, as well as public registers and their integration were highly appreciated. It was also noted that representatives of many CIS countries come to Moldova for experiences exchange.

After the press conference, the delegations heads, participants of the Forum along with the administration of the Republic of Moldova made a common picture.

During the second half of the day there were discussed issues and activities of regional development both in the CIS countries and Europe.
It should be mentioned that the Forum was attended by representatives from such countries as: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Russian Federation, France, Germany, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Serbia, USA, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

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